How does RE-NT work?

RE-NT Revolution is ffor you - for all those who want to revolutionize the fashion world sustainably.

No more over-shopping and under-using!

We enable fashion as a sharing concept!

A thousand looks, one price.

Thats how it works:

  • Pick an outfit
  • Choose how long you want to rent your outfit
  • Have your outfit sent home in a personal box with a return label.
  • Wear your outfit and enjoy your look.
    • Don't you fit the size?
      • No problem, we will send you another size for free. Just write us an email to
    • You don't like the outfit?
      • No problem: Just send us your unworn outfit and get the rental fee back.
    • Do you want to keep your outfit longer?
      • No problem. Send us an email to
  • Did you like your outfit so much that you would most like to keep it?
    • No problem. Just write us an email to and we will help you.

A price. A thousand looks.

But what if ...?

Do not worry:

All clothes are insured against minor damage or soiling.

Every piece of clothing is professionally cleaned by us using an environmentally friendly method.

Youwantthe piece of clothingwear longer? No problem.

You don't like the size? No problem, send us an email to and we will quickly send you the correct size.

Do you still have questions? Just write us an email to We look forward to advising you.