Why RE-NT?

Fashion is the second largest pollution control worldwide 😳and we haven't got a right solution to change this sustainably. Rather, CO2 emissions in the fashion industry are expected to be more than 60 % to climb. Add to that 20 % the global water pollution caused by the treatment and colouring of textiles.

That means: The fashion industry is a hübsch schmutzig Geschäft. 😟

But we all can change this together. 💪


Let's turn the fashion industry into a circulatory economy together and #zerowaste schaffen!

Like that? In two steps:

  1. Our way of consuming: By renting trends and clothes we only wear short-term, we help the global reduction of CO2 emissions, because it is bought less overall. We also supported renting RE-NT a more long-term sustainable production of fashion. Because we just don't return the rented goods, but all that is bought through RE-NT you can send back to us after a time and we recycle the materials.
  2. Our way of producing: All fashion companies we have on RE-NT present have taken the first step in the direction. They want to integrate more recycled materials into their manufacture. And here we help the brands, because all the clothes that she wears after rentRE-NT back sends, is recycled by us and den Brands provided as material for their future collections. RE-NT the producers take the first step in the right direction.☺️

Do you have any more questions about our concept? Just send us an email love@re-nt.deand we are pleased to answer all the questions.😍


#Lassen's sauber hoch zusammen