Upcycling mouthguard project

Soon with us

Although a face mask does not protect you from infection, it can minimize spread and reduce the potential for infection.

It's about third-party protection, not self-protection.

Therefore, we decided to use the old fabrics to create cool non-medical mouthguards for you.

This will be available in our shop from next week.

Together with great designers, we are currently producing the designs for the mouthguards.

Because, we do not want to take the mouthguards that are available to buy - these are important for nursing staff, doctors, the needy and everyone who is in close contact with people despite the virus.

Let's use the time and do something against the spread of the virus together, still look cool.

Would you also like to create masks with us?

Then carry yourself here in the list and receive further information by email.
We're glad.