about us

RE-NTRevolution was founded in 2018 with the aim of transforming the fashion industry into a circular economy.

Circular economy means that products never end up in the garbage, but can be recycled again and again.

We work with fashion brands to develop products that are recyclable.

We get either sustainable and degradable products from the fashion brands, such as the outfits from Natascha vonHirschhausenandSilfiror we work with brands like Adidas to develop products thatcirculatoryand become recyclable.

We also have a wonderful vintage range and overproduction products that would otherwise be destroyed.

Many different directions and yet they all lead to one goal: We want to use resources that are already there to develop new products better.

And together with you.

We haveRE-NTstarted as a rental model to give you the opportunity to consume more consciously.

We have developed a new awareness through the Corona crisis. We don't need a rental model, what we really need is a rethink.

Sustainable consumption means buying fewer items, paying attention to quality and maintaining your products.

Therefore, we can now buy exactly such products from us.

Let'sget theVintage partystarted.



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