I meet Charlotte Rohde in front of the Daluma scene cafe. She laughs when we go in and points to a couple of girls lounging on the windowsills: "I thought we would sit down there, but there is an Instagram show going on right now".

Charlotte's Instagram account (@charlotte__rohde) is different.

No person photos, no selfies just fonts. She is a typographer and type designer, her interests are character characters and weights.

She spoke to us about trademarks, lettering and Berlin.

Charlotte RhodeCharlotte is wearing a vintage shirt, American Apparel shorts, New Balance 990 and a bag by A.P.C.

R:  Charlotte, on the website of your Typeclub Düsseldorf project (http://www.typeclub-duesseldorf.de) you can see 15 different fonts. What inspires you when creating a new font?

C:  Most of my writings come from a formal aesthetic inspiration. I see an exciting form or discover an interesting principle and then design the first letters. Most of the time, the initial principle can no longer be recognized later.

R:  Principles? Do you explore people's behavior and then develop character characters?

C:  I was referring to design principles here, but in fact that's one point in my research: testing fonts as metaphors for people. I will dedicate my master's degree to this topic.

R:  Virgil Abloh played and provoked insanely with characters in the visual representation of his label Off-White. The Berlin guys from Modekollektiv GmbH go one step further from playing with writing to playing with words. Is writing a game for you too?

C:  Design is always a game. With form, with associations, with limits if you want. It shouldn't be too serious, especially when it comes to contemporary things. At the moment, everything is post-ironic and statements, overly large labels or “Logomania” are of course appropriate.

Supreme x Luise Vuittion


R:  LOGOMANIA! I only know the term post-irony as an expression of one differentiated attitude to the figure of the irony. How are large logos post-ironic?

C:  Well, post-ironic means that you wear exactly what was the ugliest thing in the world yesterday, like tribals, for example. You consciously wear things that are ugly, and that's funny, but it always hurts a little in the eye. The trend towards large logos is also ironic, it also combines norm core (for example, simply wearing t-shirts) with luxury (high-end label).

Charlotte Rhode



R:  And your style? Not only are you incredibly beautiful, you also dress quite casually. Where do you get your inspiration from?

C:  Oh wow thanks I actually don't follow many bloggers or influencers, but I have good friends who are strong in the game and I currently take my inspiration mainly from the series "Prince of Bel Air" and the film "Clueless".

R:  Clueless, Cher is great! There is this wonderful scene where Cher is standing in front of a huge mountain of clothes and is completely desperate because she feels like she has nothing to wear. The film was also a great inspiration for RE-NT.


C:  I would really like the Prada dress with the flames. Otherwise I could never afford it and I probably wouldn't have that many reasons for it.

R:  Oh yes the flame dress. A great part and also a good example of post-ironic revival - originally inspired by the Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets in the mid-90s. You will surely find plenty of occasions for this in Berlin!

Prada flame dress
Prada flame dress for rent from 310 euros for a week

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