Re-think Fashion.

Annually more than 1 billion garments are produced,
which results in 1.2 billion tons of CO₂ emission per year or 5% of total global emission.
We buy 2x more clothes than 15 years ago but keep our clothes only half the time.
85% of our clothes end up in landfills and less than 1% are recycled.
Every year consumers throw away $460bn in value of (used) clothing.

It's time to re-think the system.

We asked ourselves:

Is there a reliable way for fashion to increase their profitability while reducing their usage of natural resources?

We think:

Using and reusing products as efficiently as possible and finding value throughout the life cycles of finished products is not only an environmental gain but also a multiplier of your economical gain.

Real change is only possible through collaboration. Our first joint step towards a fully circular system are close relationships and cooperation with fashion brands which are pioneers in circular fashion future.

Doubling the useful life of clothing from one year to two years reduces emissions over the year by 20-30%.

Our goal is it to transform the fashion industry into a zero waste industry by offering fashion brands and retailers the right technology & services to have easy access to a circular business model.

Our primary focus is on keeping products in use and reuse. Hereby information storage and tracking is a key factor. With our unique RE-NT ID we are able to save information about the material composition and design process of your items. This easily enables rental, resale and recycling processes.

Start to innovate.

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