"Berlin has a sense of freedom and community that allows you to be who you want and do what you want"

I met Cheyenne at the Store Kitchen today, which is the place to go for delicious raw chocolate cake and the best Matcha Latte in Berlin. The Berlin Influencer Cheyenne stoked me with her amazingly positive energy...

R: Cheyenne, you were born in Sydney, Australia, grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma and LA, spent time in London and Paris, now you live in Berlin. What is it about Berlin that fascinates you so much?

C: To be honest out of all the places I imagined myself living in, I never thought Berlin would be it. I actually didn’t want to move to Berlin but when I found myself here, I was hooked in almost instantly. I guess there's an energy to this city that I can’t compare to the other cities that I lived in. Berlin has a sense of freedom and community that allows you to be who you want and do what you want.

Cheyenne Tulsa in Berlin-Mitte talking with RE-NT about fashion, instagram and influencer

The Berlin Influencer Cheyenne Tulsa wears jacket and pants from Weekday and a blouse from RikaStudios 
R: You are working in the Model and Influencer-Industry for sometime now. Both professions are focusing on staging. What is the main difference between both professions?

C: Because of social media the model and influencer worlds definitely crossover so it's hard to really distinguish the two. I think it just comes down to how you set yourself apart from all the pretty pictures.

R: How would you describe the influencer scene in Berlin? Especially if you compare it to other fashion metropolises like Paris, London and New York?

C: I wouldn’t know the influencer scene so well outside of Berlin. I assume it would be kind of the same just different voices behind a brand. In Berlin the community is surprisingly large but within the scene there are smaller groups of friends who collab together and have their own brand going as a whole. I shoot and collaborate a lot with two of my best friends, Gia and Alyssa…were kind of like your Charlie’s Angels (Lol!)
Cheyenne Tulsa interview with RE-NT about fashion, style and instagram
Cheyenne Tulsa's most important inspiration is travelling
R: How would you describe your own brand Cheyenne Tulsa? 

C: A kind of dorky, blonde haired Australian in cowboy boots. 

R: What is your most important inspiration?

C: Traveling. I need to see and experience different places to refresh my eyes… and my mind.

R: What are you planning next?

C: I go to America really soon to develop some projects and then I finally launch my website with my online web series. It's been a long time coming but exciting times ahead! I'm so ready to show people another side to me and what I've been working on all these months.

R: And now one last style question: What is your fashion must-have for this Summer? And which trend you don't like?
C: Over the top sunglasses, see thru dresses and anything red is what I’ve been wearing this summer. I hope this is not a trend but sneakers that separate your toes are such a ciao!

R: Oh yes! Thank you so much, beauty!   

The red coat from Vivetta is a hot trend Cheyenne rented from us for her trip to Paris. 

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